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Our sanitation hose is a smooth-walled, extra heavy-duty, flexible, multi-purpose FDA Grade PVC hose formulated and compounded from FDA materials and a vinyl helix for extra strength. It exhibits ultra-low odor permeation and is an excellent option for all sanitation systems (toilet to holding tank), below water drains, potable water fill tank, bilge pump intake and discharge, water intake systems and aerators. Its smooth cover permits clamping without cuffs. Recommended double clamps and sealing compounds for below-waterline connections.




Can be bent into Gradual Radius
Designed to give Excellent Service for:
• Toilet to Holding Tank
• Holding Tank Pump Out
• Holding Tank to Overboard Discharge
• Toilet Water Inlet
• Holding Tank Vent


Sizes: 5/8" I.D. – 2” I.D.
Temperature: -10° to 130°F
Description: White FDA Formulated PVC
Packaging: Bulk 100′ Coils, 50’ Punch-Out Cartons, Custom Cut Lengths

Series 148 Smooth Flex FDA Sanitation Hose - 3/4" Per Foot

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