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Product Overview

Retrofit Adapter - ECU-Maxx to FX-2 Control Board


The FX-2 Control Board is the best retrofit for the legacy ECU-Maxx control board, which is no longer in production. This sheetmetal adapter plate allows mounting of the FX-2 control board and attachment to the original ECU-Maxx control mounting locations in its electric box. The ECU-Maxx control display and display cable are not compatible. The FX-Maxx Control Display is identical in size and appearance, and must be added as a drop-in replacement.


Only the sheetmetal adapter plate is included with this item. The circuit board shown in the photo must be purchased separately.


Guides & Information:

ECU-Maxx to FX-2 Conversion Guide

Retrofit Adapter - ECU Maxx to FX-2 Control Board

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